A fun iOS puzzle game

UI Designer

Visual Designer


May 2015 - Present


Sketch 3

Guerilla User Testing


UI Design

Icon Design

Panabee is a freelance project that I'm working on. I teamed up with a entrepreneur/developer to create this fun iOS puzzle game project. We recently submitted our first release to the App Store and hopefully soon will get it public.

The rule of the game is pretty simple: place the shapes on the board (with the ability to rotate and switch color); dots get removed when they are more than four in a row (horizontal or vertical). Once you reach a certain score, the game will level up; the game ends when there is not enough space for the next shape to fit on the board.

Before and After

The screen on the left is the original design sketch before I took over. I proposed a cleaner UI to create a lightweight feeling. I also made a few design decisions.

For example, I believe that players care more about the direct visual feedback, like the progress bar on this screen, instead of the actual score and the number of levels. Therefore, to keep it as clean as possible, I removed level number, and redesigned the progress bar. Also, the "R" and "C" buttons were not clear indication for "rotate" and "change", needless to say the "panda" for "confirm", so I made icons that indicate the action more clearly.

left: original UI; right: my design proposal

Design Specs

I used an awesome plugin of Sketch 3 to create design specs, which enabled me to quickly ship my detailed design work. I annotated the sizes, properties and distances of all the elements on the UI, as well as the possible animations for scoring and level up screens.