Improving the experience of a crowdsourced education platform

Interaction Designer

Design consultant


May 2016 - Sept 2016


Usability Testing

Rapid Prtotoyping

Motion design


Improved IA

Redesigned homepage

Identified painpoints

Expii is a Pittsburgh-based startup founded by a CMU professor, with a focus on providing new online crowdsourced learning experience for students. I worked as a design consultant for them for four months. It was a very rewarding experience to work with very talented people, efficient team and its unique culture.

The Solve App design

Solve is a weekly set of five interactive math challenges. It attracted many math enthusiasts to use, and had increasing asks for its mobile version. I worked on the design of the Solve iOS app. Check it out on iTunes

Topic map design evaluation

One of the core features of Expii is "Topic map", which is the main access to explore, learn and create knowledge in Expii. The idea behind was great, but had some usability issues. I did a thorough evaluation on the Topic map and provided design suggestions. Some selected highlights and recommendations:

Overwhelming on-boarding coachmarks

Expii used 4-slide coachmarks with loaded information for first time users, which was overwhelming. I suggested showing the coachmarks progressively so that users can focus on understanding one concept at a time.

Misleading breadcrumbs

The top navigation served as the indication of which level the user is at in the Topic map and it was static. I suggested showing the full path to help users recognize rather than recall where they are at. Each link should be clickable, to provide shortcuts for users to jump back to a certain level at any point.

Busy sidebar providing irrelevant information

The link to Expii Solve lived in the sidebar of the Topic map. Solve was a different feature for a totally different target user group. This was not right for IA - I suggested moving it out to the homepage, and let Topic map users focus on information purely related to the knowledge exploration experience.

Redesigned Topic Map

The suggestions I gave to Expii led great design improvements for the current topic map design.